Business problem

When your IT network is down then your business is down.

Data collected from a UK customer and shows that 17% of P1-3 incidents were found to be power-related. A further 24% had unknown cause and could also have been power related. This meant that a significant proportion of service desk effort could have been wasted chasing Incidents outside their control. Of course, the underlying reason may not be known at the time of the incident itself.

As an example, IT network routers that connect your business sites to your network are vital elements that enable your users to communicate with your data centre and cloud applications. Without the network router or access lines being in-service then the service desk analysts will have little idea as to what is going on at the remote business site.

As a consequence, if one of your business sites is unreachable then the IT service desk will be running a high priority incident process resulting in increased people costs, poorer service performance with impacts on contracted SLA and potential service credits to partners or customers.


Poweye solution

Poweye is a unique #AIOps-based service that keeps an eye on the power that powers your IT.  In the event of a power outage Poweye will quickly and automatically communicate vital event information to your IT service management system* AND will notify key people via text/SMS and a chat service.

Only with Poweye, can a service desk manage an Incident as a power issue rather than trying to figure out why your network or a IT infrastructure device is unreachable.

Further, it is estimated that 70% of IT equipment can actually be restarted with a simple re-boot. Poweye enables you to remotely perform a power up/down reboot of the device which quickly gets the IT service back-up and running.

 *Poweye will communicate power issues to your IT Service Management system via a Web Service interface e.g. REST and a secure authentication method. Please ask poweye for further details about integrating to your IT Service Management system. 


Business Case

Just think, do you know how much power related Incidents are costing your business in lost time and money?

In the event of a power outage at a remote site, the return on investment for Poweye is likely to be measured in minutes. 

To help with your specific business case, Poweye can provide a Proof-of-Value package for you. 

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