Poweye appreciates that every business is different with specific service management challenges that need your priority. 

While Poweye cannot solve every IT problem, it can enable your service management team to focus on Incidents that need more hands-on attention and automate responses to those related to power disruptions. 

Using IoT and AI technology, Poweye will alert your IT service team to the underlying cause of an outage so that the most appropriate action can be taken. Not only will this reduce your operational costs but will ensure users get back on-line as quickly as possible 

POV offer

To help quantify the benefits for your organisation Poweye can provide the following proof-of-value trial services:

  1. Initial discussion with you and your team to help understand your service management challenges
  2. Analysis of your existing Incident Management data
  3. Deployment of a sample number of Poweye Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices
  4. Integration of Poweye data feeds into your existing IT Service Management system
  5. Proof-of-value presentation and next steps discussion with you and your team

A Poweye proof-of-value trial will identify power related incidents and how these are specifically impacting your organisation in terms of incident volumes, effort and potential damage to revenue and reputation. 

As a cost-conscious organisation dependent on IT ask yourself…. how attractive would a 17% reduction in Incident Management volumes be to you?

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